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Kasey Hutchinson and Amy Kuespert

Using Data to Collaboratively Make Adjustments

RMTC-D/HH spotlights teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing (ToDHH) Kasey Hutchinson and speech-language pathologist (SLP) Amy Kuespert as they model collaboration through data collection to ensure positive student outcomes. The theme of this spotlight was based off of the sixth high-leverage practice (HLP) from the Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability and Reform (CEEDAR) Center and the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)’s publication High-Leverage Practices in Special Education. HLP6 states, "Use student assessment data, analyze instructional practices, and make necessary adjustments that improve student outcomes."

Kasey Hutchinson has been a Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing for four years. She has been with Pinellas County Schools for two years since graduating with her Masters in Deaf Education and Hearing Science from The University of Texas San Antonio. She has provided itinerant and auditory therapy services for students who are D/HH within the least restrictive environment of general education classrooms and now teaches in a total communication D/HH Pre-K classroom.

Amy Kuespert has been a Speech-Language Pathologist at Cross Bayou Elementary School for 23 years, since graduating from Florida State University.  She provides speech and language services to many different students, including students who are D/HH, in PreK through fifth grade.  She took two sign language classes in college, but the real ASL instruction came from practicing with students and colleagues over the years.

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