Resource Materials and Technology Center for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Teacher Spotlight

ToDHH Spotlight - Krista Phelps
Picture of Krista with arm around young man student with interpreter standing next to her and another student in front of her

Using Evidence-Based Literacy Interventions

ToDHH Spotlight - Tory Pope
Picture of Tory sitting at her desk in a black polka dot top wearing white pearls

Fluency Strategies for Students who are DHH

ToDHH Spotlight - Crumpler and Fowler
Teacher spotlight with RMTC slide that reads %22Captioned Media with EdPuzzle%22

Using Captioning Assistive Technology

ToDHH Spotlight - Felicia Massie
Picture of Felicia Massie sitting at her desk surrounded by student's progress monitoring folders

Progress Monitoring Strategies

ToDHH Spotlight - Vicky Boodram
Picture of Vicky sitting at kidney table with five students sitting around the table and a SmartBoard behind her

Hearing Assistive Technology

ToDHH Spotlight - Traci Clark
Picture of Traci sitting at a desk with an interpreter sitting next to her signing

Vocabulary Strategies for Students who are DHH

Michelle Henry Spotlight
Thumbnail of interview with Michelle Henry

Organizing & Facilitating Effective Meetings with Professionals & Families

Dawnie Clark (ToDHH) and Cami & Joshua Smith (Parents)
Zoom screen of Candace in top left, Cami and Joshua in top right, and Dawnie Clark in bottom

Family Collaboration

Kasey Hutchinson (ToDHH) and Amy Kuespert (SLP)
Still picture showing Kasey Hutchinson (ToDHH) and Amy Kuespert (SLP) in the spotlight video

Using Data to Collaboratively Make Adjustments

Debbie School Tour
Thumbnail of Debbie School Tour video with Scott squatting on the ground in a classroom

Accessible Learning Environments for Students who are DHH