TA-Live! Optimizing Outcomes Ten Essential Principles Webinars

TA-Live! Principle 1: Each Student is Unique
Slide of Candace presenting Principle 1 Each student is unique with a row of colored pencils
TA-Live! Principle 2: High Expectations
Candace presenting principle 2: High expectations drive educational programming and future employment
TA-Live! Principle 3: Families
First slide of TA-Live! Principle 3: Families are critical partners. QR code leading to Optimizing Outcomes LiveBinder
TA-Live! Principle 4: Early Language Development
Nancy presenting w/interpreter principle 4 Early lang development is critical to cognition, literacy, and academic acheivment
TA-Live! Principle 5: Specially Designed Instruction
Cara presenting w/interpreter principle 5: SDI is individualized
TA-Live! Principle 6: Least Restrictive Envrionment
Cara presenting principle 6: LRE is student-based. Slide reads ESE is a SERVICE, not a place.
TA-Live! Principle 7: Progress Monitoring
Sherry presenting principle 7: educational progress must be carefully monitired
TA-Live! Principle 8: Access to Peers & Adults who are DHH
Scott presenting Principle 8: Access to Peers and Adults who are D/HH is Critical, with slide showing panel experts
TA-Live! Principle 9: Qualified Providers
Sherry presenting on Principle 9: Qualified Providers are Critical to a Child's Success
TA-Live! Principle 10: Collaboration
Slide with Cara presenting TA-Live! Principle 10: State Leadership and Collaboration is Essential, Pictured are the panelists