Top 10 ASL/English Bilingual Strategies

Top Ten ASL/English Bilingual Strategies Slides
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Tracie Snow, Administrator of Instructional Services, FSDB presents Top Ten ASL/English Bilingual Strategies.

Bilingual Education not only supports the acquisition and development of American Sign Language and English for students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, but also enables students to have academic content taught in an accessible language. Certified teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, through a curriculum team, identified and tried several bilingual strategies for instruction in classrooms K-12 last year. The goal of this team was to read current research and identify best practices for implementing bilingual strategies in their classrooms. We look forward to sharing our lessons learned, strategies, and reflections with professionals who work in the field of deaf education. Participants will be introduced to nine ASL/English Bilingual strategies as well as video content through FSDB’s Pineapple PD to support their understanding and continued learning.

To view examples of each strategy, see the videos on FSDB Pineapple PD ASL and English Bilingual Strategies page.

This webinar was a collaboration between RMTC-D/HH and FSDB Pineapple PD.