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RMTC-D/HH Presents: Technical Assistance Live! (TA-Live!) High-Leverage Practices (HLP) for Students with Disabilities

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Regular education teachers, exceptional student education (ESE) teachers, and teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing (TODHHs) all have specific skill sets for delivering instruction to the students they serve. RMTC-D/HH is excited to announce a webinar series connecting the dots between these industry experts using the publication High-Leverage Practices in Special Education from the Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability and Reform (CEEDAR) Center and the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). Throughout the year, the center will dive deep into the understanding that ESE professionals can use these strategies to improve instruction; however, TODHHs can also utilize these 22 high-leverage practices (HLPs) through the lens of their specialized knowledge of students who are deaf/hard of hearing (DHH).

RMTC-D/HH will be “flipping” the Technical Assistance Live! (TA-Live!) professional development series. “Flipped” learning for this opportunity means RMTC-D/HH will post a video discussing a high-leverage practice (HLP) with recommended resources addressing that specific HLP for review before the scheduled virtual discussion. Previously posted videos of each of the HLPs can be viewed on the HLP TA-Live! Archive.

RMTC-D/HH specialists and stakeholders will then meet virtually to provide live technical assistance for each other while discussing the application of these practices during a live session. These discussions will not be recorded but a notetaker will be provided to gather resources. Participants will have the opportunity to develop and sharpen core effective practices to leverage successful outcomes for students who are DHH across all settings, content areas, and grade levels. These resources will be maintained in a LiveBinder.

Homework before Next Scheduled Session on 09/13/23

Before the next scheduled discussion, participants will be encouraged to*:

  • BONUS: Watch the CEC HLP 11, 12, and 13 videos

*Unable to complete the homework? Please still feel free to join RMTC-D/HH staff for a discussion on resources and tools Florida educators utilize related to the HLP discussed.

When and Where?

All times will be held virtually from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST (1:00-2:00 p.m. CST). Participants will have the opportunity to arrive 15 minutes early for a “watch party” of the homework.






  • HLP Review



RMTC-D/HH, PS/RtI Project


  • HLP14: Teach cognitive and metacognitive strategies to support learning and independence



  • HLP15:  Provide scaffolded supports



  • HLP16: Use explicit instruction

RMTC-D/HH, PS/RtI Project


  • HLP17: Use flexible grouping


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