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Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and Communities of Practice (CoPs)

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New Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (ToDHH) PLC

This interactive and engaging collaborative PLC will examine a variety of teaching practices, instructional approaches, and resources that are specific to the field of deaf education in Florida. We welcome all new teachers to the field of deaf education in the state of Florida to join us as we “roll our sleeves up” to develop and hone our skills to become leading educators within our field of study.

Participants will receive resources and materials throughout the year to support them in providing effective and meaningful instructional opportunities for their students.

Intended audience: First to third year ToDHHs


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Expanded Skills CoP

This community of practice (CoP) professional development opportunity will allow Florida ToDHHs to collaboratively investigate a variety of resources to teach Expanded Skills standards to students who are DHH on their caseload. It will be a forum to learn more about the expanded skills standards, recommended curriculum, how to utilize them via specially designed instruction, and progress monitor the skills taught. Through this study, the team will collaborate to make the RMTC-D/HH Expanded Skills Year-Long Course Map a robust interactive resource for Florida teachers when planning instruction for students who are D/HH. In addition, teachers will create model lesson plans to be spotlighted for Florida teachers. Upon completion of this CoP,  teachers will have a bank of lesson plans by standard on the course map.