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Teaching students who are deaf/hard of hearing (DHH) and dual-sensory impaired (DSI) requires highly specialized training. This population of students is low incidence and requires a certified Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (ToDHH) to provide specialized instruction by way of the Expanded Skills Standards. Often, districts do not have a large enough group of ToDHHs to justify the high cost of bringing in experts for this specially designed professional learning (PL) in the district. Additionally, the individual needs of the teachers change as students change from year to year and sometimes even during the year when new students are added to a caseload. You may not have time to wait for face-to-face training. Sometimes you need training right now. And honestly, who knows better what you need for professional development than YOU!  

RMTC-DHH provides a variety of professional learning opportunities at no cost via online and face-to-face opportunities to Florida stakeholders throughout the year, including the following: 

Types of PD included:

  • Webinars - These are pre-recorded presentations by experts, resource companies, or project/university staff.

  • Online Courses - Courses offered in synchronous/asynchronous modules; some are led by industry experts. 

  • Podcasts - An audio show like a radio broadcast provided via the internet or listening app. 

Some districts are providing points for these trainings by completing an independent study form.

Please email RMTC-DHH with corrections or suggestions to add related to the instruction of students who are DHH or DSI.


First page of the PDF file: PL for SLPs working with DHH

Looking for professional learning opportunities as an SLP working with students who are DHH? Peruse the options listed here!