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Book Studies

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RMTC-D/HH offers book studies to increase the ability of school district professionals in Florida to respond to the needs of students who are deaf/hard of hearing. Book studies are offered at various times throughout the year, including summers. Participants will read chapters independently and then meet online during the designated sessions to participate in discussions and activities facilitated by RMTC-D/HH staff.

If you wish to earn in-service credits towards the renewal of a Florida Educator’s Certificate, it is recommended that you contact your school district’s professional development office BEFORE beginning a course to verify the requirements you must fulfill. RMTC-D/HH will provide a certificate upon completion of the course and submission of any follow-up activity requirements.

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Itinerant  Teacher Handbook Study by RMTC-D/HH, Book flipping open with the word collaborate

The Itinerant Teacher's Handbook Study

This book study is designed to provide information and guidance to itinerant teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing (ToDHH). Participants will independently read several chapters a week from The Itinerant Teacher’s Handbook by Carolyn Bullard and John Luckner. This book study covers the itinerant roles and responsibilities and other topics important to the success of itinerant teachers. The itinerant will find here the answers to essential and practical questions, along with shared tools for organization.

Intended Audience: Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Suggested In-Service Points: 30