Resource Materials and Technology Center for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Assessment Tools

RMTC-D/HH may assist districts with limited capacity in the completion of certain student assessments and evaluations needed to develop and implement IEPs. Priority is given to districts identified as small and rural and/or qualifying for intensive technical assistance as established by RMTC-D/HH. To request assistance with an assessment or evaluation, please fill out this form.

Below are suggested assessments for students who are deaf/hard of hearing (D/HH). This list is by no means exhaustive. Once assessments are completed, it is suggested to use the Florida Individual Performance Profile (FLIPP). The FLIPP is an optional resource designed as a multi-purpose data-based discussion tool that presents a "picture" of standardized and functional assessments for children who D/HH. It is not an assessment by itself; rather, it is a tool to profile the results of the various assessments conducted. Florida’s alignment to this tool is based on the need for state-specific language and assessments.

Florida Individual Performance Profile (FLIPP)
First page of the PDF file: FLIPP-2021


Assessment Tools