RMTC-D/HH plans and works collaboratively with school districts statewide and other discretionary projects to ensure accessibility and pedagogical needs of all students with sensory loss are met as required by the Individual's with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2004 and by Florida Statutes through the creation and dissemination of resources, materials, and information regarding effective practices, programs, and services.  In addition, RMTC-D/HH assists with the production of technical assistance publications(s) produced by the Florida Department of Education relating to students with hearing loss and the development of a system of service improvement for students who are deaf/hard of hearing. Our Media and Materials Loan Library provides professional resources, as well as captioned and signed videos with supplemental curricular materials for loan at no cost. Additional support and technical assistance can be found in our online modules, online book studies, communities of practice and  video library.