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Where can I find ASL stories and other ASL media?

There are a plethora of American Sign Language (ASL) story apps and other media. This list is by no means exhaustive. RMTC-D/HH does not recommend one resource over another, therefore all resources have been listed alphabetically.

ASL Stories

  • American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) ASL Stories Directory
  • ASL Storytelling QR Codes
  • Bilingual ASL-English Deaf Education Library
  • Texas Statewide Deaf Education Outreach Center:
    • “Language Arts” folder with lesson plans for ASL stories
    • ASL Storytelling
    • LiveBinder: Children’s Stories in Sign Language (Susie Tiggs)
  • Georgia Tech Center for Accessible Technology in Sign (CATS)
  • Marion County Public Schools DHH Program’s Sign Language Stories

RMTC-D/HH Media and Materials Loan Library

Florida stakeholders can sign up for a free account to access media with the RMTC-DHH Media and Materials Loan Library

  • ABC Phonics: Sing, Sign, and Read! (Catalog 3)
  • Baby Signing Time (Catalog 491-499)
  • Shared Reading Project BookBags (Catalog SRP 1 - SRP 104)
  • Signing Time (Catalog 405-409, 561-577)
  • Signimalz (Catalog 1902-1905)
  • Treeschoolers (Catalog 581-589)

There are many more titles related to ASL stories and ASL media in the loan library. An RMTC-D/HH specialist can help make recommendations that match each student's needs.

Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP)

Educators of, families of, and students with sensory disabilities can sign up for a free account to access media with DCMP.

  • Videos with Native ASL
  • ASL Pop-Up Player

Youtube Channels Offering ASL Stories

  • ASDB (Arizona School for Deaf/Blind Deaf Mentor Program) - Children’s Literature in ASL 
  • ASL Kids Club
  • ASLNook
  • ASLized!
  • Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB): ASL Stories for Families Playlist
  • Foundations for Literacy
  • Rise eBooks
  • Rocky Mountain Deaf School (RMDS)
  • Texas Statewide Outreach Center

ASL Story Apps

  • VL2 Storybook App with lesson plans from Motion Light Lab
  • Signed Stories (can also check out for free if your local library or school district uses OverDrive or MackinVIA apps)
  • StorySign

Other ASL Media

  • ASL Nook
  • CSDLearns
  • CSDToddlers
  • Deaf Planet (Science)
  • DeafTEC Math Tutorial Videos
  • Deafverse
  • Disney Princess Week Playlist
  • DPAN
  • English By Eye
  • Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
  • Khan Academy Math Tutor in American Sign Language
  • Modal Math
  • My Go! Sign Language for Kids
  • Read with ASL
  • Sesame Street with ASL Translation 
  • Signing Time
  • Unite for Literacy (Select books have ASL narration.)
  • XtraMath (Choose English or ASL)

Apps Featuring ASL

  • ASL with Care Bears
  • Marlee Signs
  • My Signing Time
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Apple, Google
  • The ASL App

Online Platforms Offering ASL

The SignUp Google Chrome Extension overlays American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation on the following streaming platforms for more accessible captioning:

  • Disney+
  • Netflix

For more information on ASL dictionaries, see the FAQ “Which ASL dictionary is recommended for everyday use, math, science, state assessments (i.e. Florida Standards Assessments), etc.?

The information contained in the FAQs does not constitute legal advice. RMTC-D/HH does not endorse or sponsor any one product. Please refer to the original sources listed in each FAQ for more information.