Resource Materials and Technology Center for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing


RMTC-D/HH services include:

  • Free Media and Materials Loan Library
  • Onsite technical support
  • Onsite observation and consultation
  • Technical assistance via telephone/email/virtual office
  • Information and referral services
  • Assistance with language evaluations/assessments (e.g., ASL, Spoken English, Signed English, or Functional Listening )
  • Recruitment of deaf education professionals
  • Professional development

RMTC-D/HH services do not include:

  • Serving as members of the IEP development team
  • Serving the role of professional or parental advocate
  • Participating in performance evaluations of school personnel
  • Independent evaluations
  • Provision of ongoing direct services

Request Services

RMTC-D/HH responds to requests for assistance from district staff regarding on-site observations and consultations, screenings, evaluations, and assessments for students who have hearing loss. Priority is given to districts identified as small and rural and who are currently receiving district-level supports and services.

Request Services

Media & Materials Loan Library with books lined up and a picture of Florida over the books

RMTC-D/HH distributes captioned and signed video materials with supplemental curricular materials to instructional and support staff statewide through the free Media and Materials Loan Library. The Center also provides professional materials to educational personnel including interpreters and parents of students who are deaf/hard of hearing.

Technical Assistance logo with two figures of human heads with thought bubbles that meet

RMTC-D/HH provides technical assistance to schools and school districts in the form of coaching and mentoring, observation/consultation, information and referral, and program review. Technical assistance support may be provided through onsite visits, virtual office meetings, and other in-person opportunities.

Assessments/Evaluations with a clipboard in a middle of a light blue circle. A checkmark is in the middle of the clipboard

RMTC-D/HH may assist and train districts with limited capacity in the completion of certain student assessments and evaluations needed to develop and implement IEPs for students who are D/HH. Priority is given to districts identified as small and rural and/or qualifying for intensive technical assistance as established by RMTC-D/HH.

RMTC-D/HH responds to requests for assistance from school district staff and parents in the form of coaching, mentoring, consultation, and support as well as through the provision of accessible video content (captioned/signed) and professional development materials through the Media and Materials Loan Library. Technical assistance may be provided in the areas of; implementing assistive technology, accommodations, access to the general curriculum, specialized instruction, transition, sign language support, support for learning for students whose primary mode of communication is ASL, support for students who use listening and spoken language, and the identification of appropriate hardware and software for use with students who are deaf/hard of hearing. Technical assistance may be provided through onsite visits, virtual offices, resource/exhibit tables, community events, and other meetings or events.

Services from RMTC-D/HH are provided by request and at no charge to the school, district, or organization.

Other Discretionary Projects for DHH

For more information on auditory-oral education programs or educational interpreting, please contact the following BEESS Discretionary Projects for support:

  • Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech (Auditory-Oral Education)
  • Debbie Institute (Auditory-Oral Education)
  • Educational Interpreter Project (EIP)